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Orgulhosos do destaque ao Pico com a mais recente novidade Vinha dos Aards, Canada do Monte, Vinha Centenária e Da Pedra se fez Espumante!


O relatório completo, a must read, está disponível em www.robertparker.com

"The splendor of this winery is not news anymore. There is a lot of great stuff to explore. I love them"

Mark Squires, Jun 30, 2023


Vinha dos Aards 2020

(...) Solid in mouthfeel and well on the stonewashed side with a touch of petrichor, this has impressive structure. It handles the wood perfectly, that affecting the texture a little but not much else. It's bright, sharp around the edges and often reminds me of great Dry Riesling. There's a touch of lemon on the end, but this has the mid-palate to soak up the acidity. In mouthfeel, it seems very concentrated. When tasted again the next day, it had evolved to become more expressive. It seemed much lusher now, actually kind of delicious, too. (...)"

Mark Squires



Canada do Monte 2021

"(...) This has a brighter feel than, say, the Aards this issue, livelier and better integrated. It is gloriously fresh and not as stern as the Aards. That projects greater depth in terms of mouthfeel and more power, but this is more easily approachable today. Of course, these are only relative comparisons, since they both do everything brilliantly. As with the Aards, this has to age a bit and develop to justify my enthusiasm. It looks like it should do that, with another 10 to 15 years of aging possible from today, maybe more. We'll see. None of these as yet have long track records, but they certainly have impressive structure. (...)"

Mark Squires



Vinha Centenária 2021

" (...) Another fine performance, this is elegant, and balanced, handling its wood well and lingering on the finish. It's beautifully constructed but also surprisingly approachable in its youth. This is very lush this year, relatively easy to approach. It is pretty tasty too, and it will do well on its own or with food. The wood impact is there, but not particularly notable. The 2021 vintage was again a very low-yielding vintage, due to ocean storms in April. The area of Criação Velha escaped, because floraision had finished. (...)"

Mark Squires




Da Pedra Se Fez Espumante Nº2

" (...) Musky and powerful, this isn't an easy sparkler, but rather one with a lot of energy and power. Crisp and penetrating, it adds some yeast nuances and toast, some distinctive flavors (say, pear with a yeasty overlay) and plenty of structure, plus a touch of oxidation. The energy here is the most impressivepart, but the flavor profile is a little different. (...) Despite the energy and sharp edges, it also has a feel of lushness at times. It might do well as a pairing with certain foods. I loved the energy, but I would like to see if it develops or instead becomes seriously oxidized in time. (...)"

Mark Squires


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