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Terrantez do Pico

Terrantez do Pico






Azores, Pico Island

All About Terrantez do Pico Variety

Terrantez do Pico is one of the three indigenous grape varieties that are exclusive to the Azores Islands. 

The other two are Verdelho and Arinto. The more popular Verdelho is also used in the Madeira Island. This almost extinct grape variety is very sensitive to rot, has low yielding, and does not have as much alcohol as its local sisters. 

This is why it was gradually abandoned by local wine producers. 

The wines are fresh and mineral with notes of salt, comparable only to an Alvarinho or a saline Riesling. 

FITAPRETA is proud to report that when it got involved in the Terrantez do Pico recovery project, there were less than 100 plants in vineyards; now, there are more than 4,000, so it is safe to say that this variety has been saved.

Terrantez do Pico's  Wines

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