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WINEID is responsible for Nadalié wine barrels distribution in Portugal since 2005. Wine ID's investment in the Nadalié Cooperage is based on the history of this family, which since 1902 has been a world reference in quality, detail and precision in the production of barrels. Producers such as Chateaux Lafite, Vega Secilia, Chateaux Margout and many others, rely on the quality and performance of Nadalié barrels.

French Oak

French oak barrels for wine is like "salt for food", the point of the barrel is to enhance the wine and make it more complex. The pairing of French oak and wine requires an understanding of the following factors: the wine's terroir (hot or cold), the type of charring of the French oak, the intended profile of the wine, and the time available for maturing the wine in French oak. 

How to buy Nadalié Barrels?

How to buy Nadalié barrels for specific wines is a pertinent question, when you choose to ferment or age wines in barrels or casks (tanks made of wood) it is important to know what type of wine you want to make and what the final expectation is. Nadalié barrels are made from various types of oak and with different types of charring. The existing ranges are:  Nadalié Premium, Solution, Tradition and Évasion. You can buy the Nadalié barrels through Wine ID by emailing

Nadalié Wine Barrels Ranges


Nadalié Premium

Composed of the finest-grain oak from the forests of central France (Tronçais and Bertrages). In this range we can opt for the Elite barrel or the Colbert barrel, both with a minimum ageing time of 18 months.


Nadalié Solution

Is a range of barrels designed to meet a growing demand for wines with a fruity profile and silky structure. We offer French oak barrels, the Expression Rouge Velour barrel from the forests of Nevers Allier, which brings depth, structure and volume to the wines or the Expression Rouge Satin barrel from the forests of Vosges and Allier, which allows for elegant ageing.


Nadalié Tradition 

Is a range of barrels designed to respect tradition. These barrels are the result of a careful selection of French oak which allows a classic style ageing.

In this range, we offer the:

  • Allier Barrels - a flexible and very consistent barrel, the Allier forest is an area of volcanic subsoils which gives the wines freshness;
  • Assemblage Barrels - barrels made from central French oak allow for well rounded wines with character;
  • Privilège Barrels - a blend of oak woods ideal for traditional ageing of 10-12 months, it gives classic oak notes and an enveloping structure.


NADALIÉ Évasion 

Is a range of barrels with wood from the four corners of the world, we have the American oak which comes from the United States of America, more specifically from Pennsylvania and Virginia, this barrel works very well for short periods of maturation, being able to add spicy and vanilla notes to the wine or other charred notes depending on the type of charring requested. The other wood is from Slovenia that comes from the bordering forests of Croatia, this barrel gives a charming and classic character to the wine.

Wineries using Nadalié barrels:


  • Maçanita Vinhos
  • Mãos e Irmãos
  • Caves Messias
  • Quinta do Crasto
  • Quinta das Murças
  • Luís Seabra Wines
  • Wine & Soul
  • Quinta Vale Dona Maria


  • Quinta do Pinto
  • Quinta de São Luiz
  • Quinta de Sant’Anna 


  • Quinta da Vinha
  • Quinta dos Vales
  • Quinta João Clara
  • Quinta do Francês
  • Quinta da Malaca


  • Quinta do Mouro
  • Herdade da Malhadinha
  • Herdade do Esporão
  • Fita preta Vinhos
  • Casa Santa Vitória
  • Arrepiado Velho
  • Herdade do Monte Branco
  • Cem Reis


  • Azores Wine Company

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