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Wine Tasting

Wine tasting has never been as widely practised as today, consumers are thirsty for knowledge and increasingly know what they are looking for. Wine tasting is undoubtedly a good way to choose wines for events, home pairings or simply in a restaurant.

Book a wine tasting with Wine ID and have the opportunity to interact with our winemakers, and ask all the questions you want!


Types of Wine Tastings

We have various types of wine tastings: for individuals, groups of friends, or company team buildings. We adapt the types of wine tastings to our customer’s needs, with the guarantee that it will be a learning experience with our winemakers, and most importantly a moment of relaxation and fun.

At Wine ID, you can also book wine tastings in one of our wineries, Fitapreta Vinhos (wine tasting in Alentejo), Maçanita Vinhos (wine tasting in Douro) e Azores Wine Company (wine tasting in Pico Island). 

If you're a fan of wine tasting in the comfort of your own home, Wine ID will meet your expectations, creating a wine tasting to suit you.

Enology Courses

WINE ID has extensive experience in wine education, wine tasting and oenology training. 

The wine education courses are taught independently using the support the company makes available (course location: Alentejo – Fitapreta Winery), or integrated in the curricular plan of a professional school or university course. Thus, Wine ID’s wine education programmes can be aimed either at consumers, students or institutions.

Wine ID runs wine education courses and wine tastings for different levels of knowledge and different objectives, taking a distinctive approach, focused on imparting knowledge while providing a unique experience.


Different Wine Courses

Wine ID offers various types of wine education courses, adapted to the public and the individual level of expertise.


Types of wine education courses available at Wine ID:

Wine Course Level 1

This wine course is aimed at the consumer looking to broaden their wine knowledge in terms of tasting methodology, how to choose a wine, how to serve and store wines. In this type of wine course, sparkling, white, rosé, red and fortified wines are tasted.


Wine Course Level 2

This type of wine course is aimed at those who already have some basic knowledge of wine and want to delve deeper into the more technical and scientific issues that are at the root of wine production. This type of wine course will cover topics such as: tasting technique that detect defects and irregularities in wine, principles of winegrowing and winemaking, national and international grape varieties and wine regions.


Other types of available and personalised wine education courses:

  • The Regions of Portugal and Their Wines;
  • Main Types of Wines (White, Red, Rosé, Sparkling, Fortified, and Late Harvest) and Their Characteristics and Origins;
  • Main Wine Regions of the World and Their Styles;
  • Wine Pairing.

These are just some examples of other types of wine education courses that Wine ID provides.

Oenological Consulting

Wine ID's core business is winemaking consultancy. Wine ID supports different producers in the Douro, Lisbon, Alentejo, and Algarve regions. Through wine consulting, Wine ID develops ideas and solutions according to the unique characteristics of the terroir and the producer. There is no such thing as a bad terroir, only a lack of understanding of it, and this is the focus of the Wine ID team, a winemaking consultancy without barriers and with a futuristic vision, but always maintaining the historical richness of each place.

The winemakers work hand in hand with wine producers, aligning their visions and ambitions in the creation and growth of each project.

The Wine ID winemaking consultancy goes through all the stages of the wine creation process, starting with viticulture, winemaking, harvest and production process management, and ending with brand building and business development in the current market.


What is Winemaking Consultancy?

In winemaking consultancy, Wine ID supports the producer "from grape to bottle". The decisions crucial to the construction and development of the winemaking consultancy projects are highly supported by a team of winemakers with a wide knowledge based on their own wine production experience in Portugal’s three wine regions.

These decisions cover topics such as: choice of grape varieties, Planning and Projecting the winery, oenological viticulture, oenological principles and, brand creation and implementation strategy.


Grape Selection

The grape varieties selection depends on the terroir, the history, and the planting area. The grape varieties selection is a decision made with consideration to the future.

We are planting today to harvest tomorrow


Planning and Projecting Wineries

Wine ID carries out the entire process of planning and projecting wineries, taking into account the landscape, the historical heritage of the site, and the functionality of the winery. The Wine ID team is responsible for all the coordination process, from the acquisition of machinery and material necessary for the processes inherent to the production of wine in a winery.


Wineries planned and projected by WINEID:

  • Fitapreta Vinhos
  • Quinta João Clara Vinhos 
  • Azores Wine Company
  • Quinta da Vinha 
  • Herdade Arrepiado Velho 
  • Quinta de Sant’ana 
  • Maçanita Vinhos
  • Quinta de Sequeiros 



WINEID was the pioneering consultancy company in Portugal, under António Maçanita, to use Zoning as a technique to qualify and identify the different vineyard parcels, in order to have a more adequate viticulture and, consequently, to better understand each quality grape parcel.


Winemaking Ethos

Wine ID follows a winemaking ethos that is based on the close control of all the operations inherent to the production of quality grapes and wines full of charisma and terroir.

Wine ID provides all the necessary support for the correct transport of grapes, winemaking, bottling and chemical analysis evaluation, ensuring that all processes are carried out in the most correct way to ensure the quality of the final product.


Brand Creation and Implementation Strategy

Wine ID also provides consultancy in the field of brand creation and implementation strategy, factoring in the nature of the target audience, the identity of the wine and the producer. Wine ID believes that focusing on these themes is fundamental to the success of a project and, although they may seem removed from the concepts of oenology and viticulture, the two worlds should be paired in harmony.


Wine ID is a company rich in knowledge and full of spirits, Wine ID events are designed by customers and for customers to meet their needs and ideas.

Wine ID events are sophisticated in food, presentation and obviously in wines, whether for groups of 4 or 200. Wine ID works with wineries ranging from the Douro to the Algarve, to the Alentejo and the Azores.


Wine Events

But if you want a wine event in your own space, no problem. Our team will travel to your place and guarantee the same quality, fun and expertise.

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