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The leading edge of the Nadalié group in Burgundy, the Tannellerie Marsannay combines tradition and modernity to perfection and since 2021 Wineid has embraced this cooperage that always offers innovative creations.

Marsannay has a very strong history in the region and this is due to the fact that it is guided by respect for the raw materials, the master cooperages, the wines and the needs of the customers. The origin of French oak from the most magnificent forests is guaranteed: Allier, Tronçais, Centre, Nevers and Vosges are the noblest.

At Marsannay, all processes are controlled, from the choice of wood to the delivery of the barrels to the customer.

Technical Product Information

How to buy Marsannay Barrels?

How to buy Marsannay barrels for wine is a pertinent question, when you choose to ferment, age wines in barrels or tunnels (tanks made of wood) it is important to know what kind of wine we want to make and what is the final expectation. You can buy Marsannay barrels through Wine ID, by email.

Barrels Range 

Traditional Barrels

  • Blended barrels from different French fine-grain forests.
  • Wood with 24 months of open air drying
  • Suitable for wine aging up to 12 months

Inspiration Barrels

  • Barrels of wood batches from Centre Forest, with very fine grain selection
  • Wood with 24 months of drying in open air
  • Optimal barrels for micro-oxygenation
  • Suitable for wine aging for a minimum of 12 months

Le Bois du Roy Barrels

  • Selection of the finest woods with extra fine grain
  • Barrels designed for wines with high aging potential
  • Wood with 36 months of slow air drying 
  • Suitable for wines aged for a minimum of 18 months

Lunessence Barrels

Respect for the raw material, respect for the ancestral know-how, respect for the personality of the wines and for the demands of the winegrower's profession. Lunessence is a barrel that follows the precept of Biodynamics, working with the cosmic rhythms.

Marsannay has 4 types of toast, Quartz, Rubis, Saphir and Balsate in addition to traditional toast.

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