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Liquor from the Azores
Azores Wine Company
Liquor from the Azores
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Arinto dos Açores

Terrantez do Pico



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Arinto dos Açores, Verdelho, Terrantez do Pico.


18.5% Vol.


A symbol of the old Pico wines, liqueur wine was, for 200 years, since the mid-17th century, one of the most consumed wines in the Americas, preceding almost all other European wines. It was always present in the cellars of the "Founding Fathers", but Thomas Jefferson was one of its greatest connoisseurs, demanding to drink it even when visiting France. In the 19th century, it made a name for itself at the table of the Russian Tsars, but as fate would have it, in 1853, powdery mildew and phylloxera wiped out production in the Azores from 9 million to 28,000 liters, forcing mass emigration. This DO Pico 10 Anos, made up of wines lost in cellars and inspired by ancient texts, hopes to contribute to the recovery of what was one of the most important and fascinating wines in Portugal.... and perhaps the world.

Tasting notes

Crystal-clear golden amber color, very intense nose, notes of sea, iodine, salt showing where it comes from, combined with aromas of candied orange, orange peel, an expression of the Azorean grape varieties, all wrapped up in the warm aromas of oxidative aging of toffee, raisins, toasted almonds, coffee beans. In the mouth, a full, concentrated attack, intense mid-taste, the aromas of the nose are repeated, a slight sweetness balanced by a present acidity. Intense, long and very persistent finish.


600 bottles of 0.375L.


Lagido and biscoito volcanic soils formed between 500 and 2000 years ago.


A unique terroir in the world, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, at the base of the volcanic mountain of Pico, the vineyards are planted in the crevices of the rock, next to the sea, where you can hear the "singing of the crab", because this is where there is the most sun and heat. This proximity, sometimes just a few meters, means that the vines have to be protected by walls (corrals) from the strong, salty winds of the Atlantic. stage Average age of lots: 10 years, with wines over 30 years old.


Our DO Pico 10 year old liqueur is a wine that pairs well at the start of a meal, a classic pairing with foie gras. On a cheese plate, it goes well with hard cheeses, preferably with some ageing. At the end of a meal, it pairs well with desserts that aren't too sweet, where the theme of dried fruit, raisins, toffee and oranges is present.

Conservation and Service

Store at 8ºC to be served at 12ºC, and to be drunk at 14ºC.

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