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The most fascinating part of the world of wines is that there are several of different styles and types that culminate in different wine styles. And the most interesting part is that they vary from harvest to harvest. A wine is never reproducible, the essence of wine is that it is unique. 


What are wine styles? 

Different wine styles come from several factors which are referred to as terroir. These factors are: soil, climate, grape variety, terrain and Human. The Human factor means all viticultural or oenological interventions.

Wines may have very different styles in terms of colour, sweetness, acidity, tannins, alcoholic content and/or body (texture and density). The combinations of the various styles are innumerable, however, there are some that stand out amongst the rest. An example of this are wines that retain the influence left by man maturing them in wood, or the saline wines that speak to the lands they came from.

When it is possible to identify several styles simultaneously, one can distinguish different wines. The several wine styles are: fruity, dry, full-bodied, aromatic, sweet, mineral, saline, indigenous, reserve, oaked or unoaked, and old vines. Each style expresses the wine’s origin and making.

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