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Oaked wines are wines that at some point have passed through a barrel. In white wines, it is more common for both alcoholic fermentation and maturing to take place in barrels, as fermentation occurs without masses. In the case of red wines, it is more common for alcoholic fermentation to take place in stainless steel vats or wineries and maturing to take place in barrels, except for red wines that ferment in casks. 

As there are several types of barrels, both as to the type of wood used (the best known ones are made of French or American oak) and the type of toast (more or less toasted), the "contribution" that the barrel brings to the wine can be very different. This means that, in the end, the same wine will certainly have very different characteristics. 


Oaked Wine Styles

The wines that are in contact with oak barrels are usually more complex depending on the maturing time and on tertiary aromas (spices, toffee, coffee and tobacco). 

The barrel, usually made of French or American oak, has ellagic tannins (wood tannins) in its composition. These tannins interact with the colour molecules and the wine's tannins to create a smooth and distinct structure in the wine. Toasting the barrel can give the wine more character or freshness, balancing it and making the wines more harmonious.

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