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27 Março 2024 Wine Culture
It's not a movie, it's a wine and it's A Laranja Mecânica!

It is our Clockwork Orange, because life sometimes applies an agonizing pressure that we just try to bear.

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25 Março 2024 Wine Culture
The Tourigas of the Douro: Cima Corgo or Letra A?

Touriga Nacional is a very noble grape variety with high oenological value and the ability to produce some of the best Portuguese red wines.

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22 Março 2024 Wine Culture
New launch: Arinto das Indígenas do Morgado

It was in 2010 that we started our first white trial of indigenous yeasts. Today, 12 years later, all our wines are produced using indigenous yeasts. 

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18 Março 2024 Wine Culture
From the old vineyards of the Alentejo: Tinto de Castelão

Castelão (syn. Periquita) is a low-concentration grape variety essential to the region's ancient winemaking, which has fallen into disuse in this era of concentrated red wines.

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7 Março 2024 Wine Culture
The new Volcanic Rosé is here!

The Volcanic Series are wines of volcanic origin, where the soils, poor and stony, defy the very definition of agricultural soil.

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4 Março 2024 Wine Culture
Guide to a Classic: Maçanita Red 2022

The formula for the new vintage of one of our classics, Maçanita Red, is essentially summed up in this image. 

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29 Fevereiro 2024 Wine Culture
Fitapreta Branco, The Ancestor, is back!

After two months out of stock, Fitapreta White, The Ancestor is back! The 2023 vintage is now available.

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27 Fevereiro 2024 Wine Culture
An Baga Alentejana like we've never tasted before!

This Baga is from Alentejo, which is unheard of, and tests the variety further south, where the schist and the heat have allowed it to mature to other levels. 

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21 Fevereiro 2024 Wine Culture
The famous "Vinho da Corda" from Porto Santo

The "vinho da corda" was one of the ways in which "liqueurs" were prepared before the arrival of aguardentação in the mid-17th century.

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19 Fevereiro 2024 Wine Culture
In search of the Douro's white grape varieties

The Douro, known for its Port wine production, has always stood out for its red grape varieties, with white grape varieties being pushed into the background. Official figures show that whites account for less than 20% of the entire Douro area.

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16 Fevereiro 2024 Wine Culture
Visão Magazine: Porto Santo, unique wines | Article on Profetas e Villões

In the weekly edition of Visão Sete, journalist Sónia Calheiros ventured to Porto Santo and the revitalization of the island's vineyards by Companhia de Vinhos dos Profetas e dos Villões. She explains the magic behind the sandy soils and the new Profetas e Villões winery and vineyard.

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14 Fevereiro 2024 Wine Culture
New release: O Tinto do Pote de Barro

Tinto do Pote de Barro is a project in the Signature Series line and seeks to find the profile of old "vinho de talha" using old blended vines and the ancient process of winemaking in talha.

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