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Verdelho das Ilhas

Verdelho das Ilhas


Mineral and Fuity





All About Verdelho das Ilhas Variety

Verdelho is the only traditional grape variety in the Azores that keeps its name between the islands of Pico, Terceira and Graciosa. 

This is consistent with the history of the grape variety in the archipelago, since, as is evident from the citations on the origin of the vines in the region, it is considered the oldest and most traditional in the vineyards.

It is the same as the Verdelho grown in Madeira and Australia, where it was taken to from the island of Madeira around 1824. 

However, microsatellite levels scientifically prove that it is a different grape variety to the Italian Verdecchio, the Spanish Verdejo and the Portuguese Gouveio, which on the mainland is also called Verdelho.

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