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Red wine is a wine in which the alcoholic fermentation is done by maceration of red grapes and as such produces wines with a dark colour, and texture (tannins), in which the wine's colour and tannin concentration depends on the type of grape variety and how long the red wine was macerated.

There are several red wine production processes, the most common consists of sorting the grapes that have defects through a sorting table, the grapes go to a destemmer where the destemming and crushing occurs. The grapes then fall into the tank thanks to gravity or with the aid of a pump.

The maceration of the skins and the alcoholic fermentation at controlled temperature take place in the tank. After fermentation, the free run wine is taken out and the grapes are again pressed to obtain press wine.

Red wine undergoes a second fermentation, called malolactic fermentation, where malic acid is converted into a weaker acid called lactic acid. 

Red wine may or may not age in oak barrels depending on the style (fruit, aromatic, tannins). 

Although Portugal is a small country, there are more than 250 indigenous grape varieties, several wine regions with distinctive soil and climate characteristics, a very large wine culture and a remarkable history of Portuguese wine evolution. In Portugal, there are many red wines with very unique methodologies and which are the result of the expression of each terroir.


What is Red Wine?

What is red wine? It is the result of fermentation and maceration of grape juice from dark skinned grape varieties (red varieties). The final colour and tannin concentration of the wine will depend on the grape variety and the contact time between the skins and the must.


How to pick a Red Wine?

To pick a red wine, you should first think about what you are going to eat or simply decide on the type of wine you like, whether lighter or more concentrated, whether younger or older.

Another technique is by region, for example Alentejo red wines are warmer and easier to drink with riper berries and softer tannins. If you go for Douro, you will have wines with more herbal components, less polished tannins and a fuller-bodied red wine


What pairs well with Red Wine?

Essentially, red wine pairs well with food with strong texture and flavour but no spiciness. Portuguese red wine or any other red should not be paired with spicy food (curry or spicy Thai food), as the spiciness will increase the bitterness, acidity, and burning sensation of the alcohol, decreasing the sensation of body, sweetness and fruitiness of the wine, but if spicy/hot food is your thing, there are red wine options.

If you really want to drink red wine with spicy foods, you can find a light red (low alcohol, low tannins) that can match these more complex dishes. Pair red wines according to their intensity, the more intense the dish, the more intense and robust the wine. 


Buy Red Wine

Buying red wine or specifically Portuguese red wine can be a time-consuming task if you don't know what you are looking for.  

Looking for an “easy-drinking” wine? If you want strong fresh fruit notes and mellow tannins, a smooth wine, try our Touriga Vai Nua or Maçanita Tinto do Douro. If you are thinking of having a hearty meal, look for a robust wine like a Reserve, try our Palpite Tinto from Alentejo, as you will get a more concentrated wine, both in the aromas and in the tannins and body.

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