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Orange wine is made with white grape varieties. White wines that are exposed to (maceration) grape juice and skins for long period of time gain an orange hue and are called orange wine. The production of orange wine follows a vinification process similar to that of red wines, where the grape juice ferments with the grape skins and seeds. 


What is Orange Wine?

What is orange wine is the question on everybody’s mind. Orange wine is a type of white wine, in which alcoholic fermentation is carried out with maceration, contact with skins and must, as with red wines. The contact of the juice with the skins and seeds creates a wine with an orange colour and, contrary to typical white wines, with a lot of texture from the tannins extracted from the skins during maceration.


How to pick an Orange Wine?

When choosing an orange wine, it is important to think whether we want a wine with more acidity or less acidity. Orange wines from cooler regions will generally have more freshness and more marked tannins. Orange wines from warmer regions have more body and softer tannins.


What pairs well with Orange Wine?

As Orange wine is intense and unctuous, it can be paired with rich gastronomy which generally uses red wines. Orange wine goes well with Asian, Indian and Portuguese roast dishes. The aromatic profile with notes of honey and nuts harmonises perfectly with soft cheeses and cheese fondue.


Buy Orange Wine 

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