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António Maçanita had his first contact with Douro wines in 2006, when, through his consultancy company WINE ID, he worked with a producer in the Armamar area, in the sub-region of Cima Corgo. For two years, António Maçanita worked on Douro wines, mapping the Quinta's vineyards and creating quality wines. 

Other consultancy projects appeared in various regions of the country, but in 2010 António Maçanita once again had a consultancy project in the Douro, with his partner and sister Joana Maçanita in charge.

After six months of working with Douro wines, Joana fell in love with the region and its potential, and challenged António to a sibling project, creating Maçanita Vinhos in 2011. The siblings started making Douro wines with twice the energy in which they express the different aspects of the Douro, working together and also transmitting the preferences and personal characteristics of each one, as is the case of Gouveio by Joaninha and Malvasia Fina by António.

António Maçanita thus extends his portfolio with the production of Douro wines with vines from the three sub-regions: Baixo Corgo, Cima Corgo and Douro Superior. With strong convictions, the siblings want to show, through their wines, the diversity of the region's terroir in its purest form and faithful to its origin. Even if it takes more time and more work, they intend to make unique wines in the Douro, the result of research, experience and knowledge with a touch of irreverence and provocation that was already signature in other wines from António Maçanita.

Maçanita’s Douro

The Maçanita siblings arrived in the Douro with the intention of bringing their discoveries of the region to the world, the different wines, the different approaches and the discovery of themselves as producers in the Douro.

Maçanita’s Douro wine requires a balance between grape varieties, soils, altitudes and sun exposure to produces different wines, each with its own purpose, provoking curiosity and a desire to know more and why.

Along their journey through the Douro, Joana and António Maçanita were lucky enough to find a vineyard that is over 100 years old, with more than 17 different grape varieties and with soils that transition from schist to granite. This vineyard belongs to the Letra F class, the least appreciated in the region, but in which the siblings saw potential. The first plot of vines they acquired in this area is about 150 years old, from early post-phylloxera period. This vineyard produces the red and white As Olgas wines, two of Joana and António's favourite wines.

Based on this ideology of showing the different faces of the Douro, the Maçanita brothers invite you to taste different interpretations of the Touriga Nacional variety, which they call the queen variety. Touriga Nacional em Rosé shows the variety in its purest form, Touriga Nacional Cima Corgo comes from vineyards at 550m altitude giving it freshness, purity and perfume that contrast with the hot, glutinous and concentrated Touriga Nacional Letra A.

Fitapreta Azores Wine Company Vinhos Maçanita Sexy Wines WineID
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