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Wine Tourism Douro

Douro Wine Tourism is located in the heart of the Douro wine region. Wine tourism is part of our philosophy of sharing experiences and ideas with all those who are curious about wine. Come and visit us, feel the magic of the Douro hills and the authenticity of our wines. To visit the wine tourism Douro you can be a wine lover or a wine geek, or just curious. In our boutique winery you will have a fantastic experience through the Douro terroirs, with a magnificent view over the river, always in the company of our winemakers. 

Visiting wine tourism Douro can mean a wine tasting, where you can choose one of three tasting options, enter our winery and learn about the details of how Maçanita wines are made in depth, or even stay for lunch.  

We want to share our Douro Wine Tourism and the flavours of the Douro with our menus of typical dishes of the region perfectly paired with our wines.

The Wine Tourism Douro is located along the Douro River, in the town of Covas do Douro, you can reach us by car, motorbike, boat (we have a deck on the river where you can dock your boat) or by train, leaving at Ferrão station on the railway line that runs along the Douro.

Wine Tasting in the Douro

Wine Tasting Douro

a taste of Maçanita

…a taste of Maçanita!!!

€15 - 1h 20m | Book it!*

For those who want to learn about our winery and our history, "a taste of Maçanita" is your choice. A guided tour of the Maçanita winery with our winemakers, two Douro wine tastings accompanied by some local delicacies and a magnificent view over the Douro River.

Meet our Golden Douro

Meet our Golden Douro!!! 

30€ - 1h 40m | Book it!*

For those who want to visit the different terroirs of the Douro as they are envisioned by the Maçanita siblings, "Meet our Golden Douro" is your choice. A guided tour of the Maçanita winery with our winemakers, Douro wine tastings (5 selected wines) accompanied by some local delicacies and a magnificent view over the Douro river.

dive into our Family

…dive into our Family!!! 

45€ - 2h | Book it!*

For those who want to learn about our winery and our history and unravel the world of the Maçanita siblings, “dive into our family” is the choice for you. A guided tour of the winery, wine tasting from the barrels and tasting of 7 bottles, with our winemakers, accompanied by some regional snacks and a magnificent view over the Douro river.

Douro Wine experiences

dive into Douro

…dive into Douro!!!

100€ - 4h - Máx. 40 people. | Book it!*

"Dive into Douro" is a complete wine tourism experience in the Douro that will bring you onboard the Maçanita team. Take a boat trip on the Douro river, make land on the Maçanita winery dock, get to know our winery and all of our winemakers secrets. To make it a full wine experience, sit back with a fantastic view of the Douro river, and have lunch/dinner with our winemakers pairing Maçanita wines with traditional regional dishes.

get your hands dirty

…get your hands dirty!!!

140€ - 6h - Máx. 4 people. |  Available from 15 September to 30 October | Book it!*

"Get your hands dirty" is a fantastic wine experience in the Douro. Be part of our winemaking team, taste the wines in the winery, feel the harvest buzz and let your hands get dirty. If you are not good enough to dine with, you aren't good enough to work with, we want you to have lunch with the team and enjoy the traditional Douro worker dishes. To make good wine, you need to taste good wine. During lunch, different wines are served for the whole team to taste and comment on. After a day at the Maçanita vineyards, you won't want another wine experience.



Price Upon Request*

Wine&Dine is the perfect option for those who want to have a wine lunch, a cookout or even a private dinner. We let you choose the wine experience you want to have with your group of friends, family, or co-workers. In Maçanita's wine tourism you will always have good wines, traditional Douro food, and a fantastic view over the Douro River. Come and experience the scent of the winery and share unforgettable moments in one of the most beautiful regions in the world.

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