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Sharing knowledge is part of Fitapreta's DNA, venture into our winery experiences and become part of the Team! You can become a winemaker for a day, harvest with us or go for walks around our property.

From tours to experiences and workshops, let yourself be surprised by our proposals, or surprise us with your request!

Introdution to wine tasting

Module 1/2/3 + lunch
180 min | 10 - 25 pax | from 150€/pax

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Masterclass António Maçanita
Masterclass António Maçanita

Winemaker for a day 

Take an active part! Create your own wine as a team... A moment of conviviality and learning! The idea is simple... After a brief tour of the facilities, learn to distinguish the characteristics of the various grape varieties in order to make your own batch of wine. 

Equipped with pipettes, beakers, funnels, etc... some of you will make the wine while the others will design the label & back label. One person from the team will also defend the wine before the other teams (tasting note & aesthetic concept), and our jury (the other teams and the resident winemaker) will decide who the big winner is! 

Min 6 pax | € 65/pax 

For more information, contact us by email or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Harvest Programme

We have arrived at the most awaited time of the year - the Harvest! To participate in this unique moment of wine production it is necessary to get up early, but the Fitapreta team will pick you up wherever you are to ensure you get to the vineyard still at night. Harvesting without the sun is what guarantees the maximum freshness of the grapes. With the miner's light, accompanied by the harvest team, we will pick the bunches of grapes that will proceed with the sunrise to the winery. After a breakfast in the vineyard, the rest of the winemaking work follows. Be it the sorting of the grapes on the selection table, the remounting, or the laboratory analyses, there are many tasks that allow us to know in depth this magical process of making wine. After tasting fermenting musts and some previous harvests, it's time for the warriors to take a well-deserved rest, with a lunch with the entire Fitapreta team in the palace courtyard.

Note: The program can start at the winery, without including the vineyard part.

Min 2 pax | €125*

*Transfer from hotel + night harvest | 75€/pax (min. 4 pax)

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The Alentejo sun invites you to go for walks all year round and Fitapreta offers several possibilities to explore the bucolic landscape of this wine region. Within the property's 125-hectare perimeter, you can cover several trails on foot, horseback or bicycle. The old railway branch line, now converted into an Ecopista connects the city of Évora to Fitapreta, providing a beautiful hike or bike ride of just over 10 km. For those who prefer to fly, hot air balloon rides depart from Fitapreta and fly over the stunning Évora landscape, depending on the wind.

Prices under consultation

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Experience Fitapreta
Experience Fitapreta
Experience Fitapreta
Experience Fitapreta

Workshops Wine & ....

Come to Fitapreta to celebrate a day of community, where you can learn about a specific theme, and toasting life with good wines. 

Examples of possible workshops:
Music | Painting | Ceramics | Tiles | Aromatherapy | Flower Arrangement & Decoration

Price Upon Request
Min 8 participants

For more information, contact us by email or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Workshops Fitapreta
Workshops Fitapreta
Workshops Fitapreta

More Alentejo Wine Tourism Experiences

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