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We want you to taste the Azores in a glass of wine. We produce unique wines, full of identity, pure, fresh, challenging and with a pinch of salt… as life should be!
Open daily 2pm-7pm. Other schedules upon request. Booking is recommended.

Volcanic Wines

Visit + tasting 3 wines
45-60 min. | €20

Get to know Pico Island’s vibrance with a white wine that combines the Arinto dos Açores and Verdelho grapes, and a rosé, and a red wine from a blend of local, national and international grape varieties planted in our volcanic soils. Try our Volcanic Series!
Wines to taste: Branco Vulcânico, Rosé Vulcânico, Tinto Vulcânico.


Salt & Spices

Visit + tasting 4 wines
45-60 min. | €30

An experience of "salt and spices" that begins with a rosé born from the sea, passing through the freshness of the Verdelho and Arinto dos Açores mono-varieties and ends in an explosion of flavours in a wine that is a tribute to the history and culture of the Azores.
Wines to taste: Rosé Vulcânico, Verdelho 2nd Edition, Arinto dos Açores 2nd Edition, A Proibida.


Varietals Flight  

Visit + tasting 3 wines
45-60 min. | €30

Do you know that Arinto dos Açores is a unique grape varietal, that you can only find in Azores? Do you know that Terrantez do Pico was almost extinguished? For sure you know that Verdelho is the grape that produces some of the most famous wines in the world! Taste with us and find out more about these grape varietals.
Wines to taste: Arinto dos Açores 2nd Edition, Terrantez do Pico, Verdelho 2nd Edition.


Crazy about Whites  

Visit + tasting 5 wines
60 min. | €40

If you are crazy about whites this Tasting is for you! If you are not … than you will become one! We are crazy about whites and we want to share with you an unforgettable tasting!
Wines to taste: Arinto dos Açores Sur Lies, Terrantez do Pico, Verdelho 2nd Edition, Arinto dos Açores 2nd Edition, Branco Vulcânico.


Around the Volcano  

Visit + tasting 5 wines
60 min. | €50

Let’s walk around Pico’s big volcano! From São Mateus to Bandeiras, stopping by the incredible old vineyards of Criação Velha!
Tasting wines: Arinto dos Açores São Mateus, Arinto dos Açores Bandeiras, Arinto dos Açores Sur Lies, Arinto dos Açores 2nd Edition, Vinha Centenária.


Taste the Islands - Portugal vs Spain!

Visit + tasting 5 wines
60 min. | €45

The Archipellagos of Azores, Madeira and Canarias have in common a wine History that many do not know… today we give a taste of the varietals Verdelho/Verdello and Listrão/Listan Blanco, in their different climate versions, sharing wines from friends and sister islands.
Tasting wines: Verdelho 2nd Edition (Pico), Verdello (Gran Canaria), Listrão dos Profetas (Porto Santo), Listan Blanco Puro Rofe (Lanzarote).

António Maçanita Wine Trip

Visit + tasting 4 wines + Portuguese cheese and charcuterie board
120 min. | €75

Follow António Maçanita's wine trip along 4 portuguese regions, searching for very special vineyards and grape varietals. Try 3 white and 1 red that will take you through the old Douro vineyards, feel the freshness of Azores, discover the island of Porto Santo and finally relax at Alentejo beautiful plain. Only from 12 to 2pm.
Tasting wines: As Olgas branco (Douro), Arinto dos Açores Indígenas (Pico), Listrão dos Profetas (Porto Santo) e Tinto Castelão (Alentejo).


Contact us: / +351 918 266 989 / +351 292 241 840

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