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Sexy Wines is a fusion of national and international flavours and ideas. A cosmopolitan and urban concept that uniquely combines ancient and modern techniques. Sexy Wines mixes the classic with the exciting, something you can’t help but share. Something SEXY!

SEXY is about enjoying life like it’s vital. Sexy Wines is about friends, family, adventure. A modern way to relax, sober and fun at the same time. Always adventurous, but in absolute control.


Sexy Wines

António Maçanita, winemaker and producer, restless and bold, how can he recover the region’s almost extinct grape varieties and create Sexy wines? The Sexy wines reveal all his Maverick spirit, always ready to take risks and to break tired barriers.

It was in 2004 that António Maçanita and David Booth made the first Sexy Red Wine harvest, a wine that has gained great notoriety over the years. When starting Sexy wines, family support was very important, as António Maçanita was only 23 years old and had to rely on the triad of "Friends, Fools and Family", as António likes to joke, with a share of capital from his uncle, another from his mother, father, etc.

Sexy wines are a measured intensity, intentionally placed at a level that few wines reach. Quality is not treated as an afterthought, but as the same integral feeling of looking in the mirror in the morning and smiling, an expression of our self-worth. This is the ethos of Sexy wines, this is the fundamental drive...

Sexy Wines

Sustainability of Sexy Wines 

"Being sustainable is having an outlook to the future, both in the relationship with the environment and in the relationships with friends, partners and clients of Sexy Wines.

The Sustainability of Sexy Wines is defined by thinking about the now, at the same time as thinking about the later, about tomorrow and the day after that.

The sustainability of Sexy Wines is reflected in the production of the wines from integrated protected grape varieties, which are harvested by hand and sorted at the winery. The winemaking uses minimal intervention where all reds are naturally fermented by indigenous yeasts found in the environment. Sexy Wines' bottles are of minimal weight to ensure the functionality they are intended for, whether in physical protection, protection from light, or in retaining the pressure on the sparkling wine, minimising its carbon footprint.

Reinforcing Sexy Wines' sustainability project, all wines are sealed with cork stoppers. Although more expensive, it is a natural product and a symbol of sustainability, as it keeps thousands of hectares of forest alive, providing shelter for hundreds of native species in Portugal.

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