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The visits and wine tastings at Fitapreta are marked by an enthusiastic team that will guide you in discovering the culture and identity of our wines, company and Alentejo region.

During our tours and wine tastings let yourself be led and discover the history of Fitapreta linked to the history of Paço Morgado de Oliveira, as well as all the stories behind our wines. From our classics, wines that express the Alentejo terroir, to the varieties from other regions tested to the Alentejo soil and the recovery of vineyards with more than 50 years old that reflect the making of old Alentejo, with the irreverent vision of winemaker António Maçanita.

We have several experiences and wine tastings available, so you can choose according to the time you have available, your curiosity and expectations.

Visit us and celebrate life like a party!

Kiss & Fly

The Kiss&Fly wine tasting provides an introduction to the dimensions of Fitapreta.

Fly over the history of the brand, the career of our winemaker António Maçanita and his partner and co-founder David Booth, also learn about the winemaking processes, the history of the Medieval Palace and its patrimonial value. During the tasting you will be able to enjoy 3 of our wines from the Clássicos and Signature Series wine families accompanied by a cheese board from a local producer.

Visit + Vat Tasting + 3 Wines Tasting + 1 cheese board

60min. | 30€ | Book it*

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Kiss & Fly Fitapreta wine tasting
Kiss & Fly Fitapreta wine tasting
Kiss & Fly Fitapreta wine tasting

Big Picture

For wine enthusiasts, we recommend our Big Picture experience. During the visit you will learn about the history of Fitapreta, the Paço do Morgado de Oliveira, as well as our winemaking processes and take the opportunity to taste wine directly from the vats.  Finally, taste 5 of our wines paired with a cheese board from local producers.

Tour + Vat Tasting + 5 Wines Tasting + 3 cheese board

90 min. | €45 | Book it!*

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Wine Tasting Big Picture Fitapreta
Wine Tasting Big Picture Fitapreta
Wine Tasting Big Picture Fitapreta

Yes! I’m a Wine Geek!

For those who want to dive into Fitapreta's DNA, the Wine Geek tasting is the right choice. In this experience let yourself be involved by all the details behind our history and discover the intrinsic connection of our wines with the past, the present and the future of Alentejo. Surprise yourself in our winery by tasting wines still aging directly from the vats or barrels. During the tasting you will get the chance to taste 7 wines, harmonized with a board of three cheeses from local producers and 100% acorn-flavoured ham.

Visit + Cuba/Barrica Tasting + Thematic Tasting of 7 wines + Board of 3 cheeses & 100% acorn-flavoured cured ham
Min 2 Pax | 120 min | €60 | Book it!*

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I'm a Wine Geek! Wine Tasting Fitapreta
I'm a Wine Geek! Wine Tasting Fitapreta
I'm a Wine Geek! Wine Tasting Fitapreta

Master of wine!

A comprehensive and in-depth tour, a table filled with regional snacks and a tasting of 10 wines dedicated to a theme of your particular interest, this is the experience that best reflects Fitapreta's ability to customize each visit with mastery. During the Master of Wine tasting, we give you the chance to discover the unique characteristics of the Alentejo, and add some of our wines produced in the Douro and on Pico Island. There are no limits to the range of topics to choose from in this 100% tailormade experience, dedicated to the most aficionados and those looking to satisfy a specific curiosity. There are 10 wines on tasting, accompanied by a selection of snacks, which respect the typical flavors of the Alentejo.

Tour + Thematic tasting of 10 wines + Selection of tradicional appetizers + Barrica Tasting
Min 4 Pax | 180 min. | €125 | Book it!*

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Masterclass António Maçanita style

From a Masterclass António Maçanita style we can expect what best describes the winemaker himself: non-conformism, disruption, boldness and enthusiasm. These are some of the unconventional traits that can define both António Maçanita, winemaker and consultant, as well as the wines in which he puts his hands and the way he shares knowledge and involves us in learning.

Masterclass given by the winemaker himself or by his team, as requested.

Price on Request*
Min 8 participants, Max 25 participants

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Kids Experience

There is an enchanted world between vineyards, clusters, palaces and many barrels waiting to be discovered by children.

At Fitapreta we give them the opportunity to discover this universe through an interactive book, which leads children through the winery in search of our history and also a blind tasting of nectars, in which we intend to introduce the sensory world to these future wine lovers.

Also, at the most important time of the year - the Harvest - we need everyone's help!

The younger ones will be able to help us pick the grapes, through a grape bunch hunt. They can paint their works of art with the juice of our grapes and also taste the musts and discover the different varieties that come into our winery.

Interactive book + blind tasting of nectars | 12€/kid

Interactive book | 7€/kid

Blind Tasting of Nectars | 5 euros/kid


Harvest Kids Experience Includes:

Bunch hunt + painting with musts + must/nectar tasting + kids lunch menu 


Bunch hunt + painting with musts + must/nectar tasting


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