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Our Sexy Wines brand was born in 2004 as a hymn to life and at Alentejo Sexy Wines Wine Tourism you can taste our Sexy wines in two tastings of your choice. Sexy for us is waking up early, going to bed late, inviting friends home for dinner at the last minute, knowing how to laugh at ourselves, enjoying life! Our Sexy Wines tastings in our Alentejo Sexy Wines Wine Tourism are based on these principles!
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Tasting of 3 Sexy Wines, visit to the winery & tasting with snacks
60 min. | €25 | Book it!*


Tasting of 2 Sparkling + 1 wine
2h/2h30 | €45 (does not include the visit to the winery) | Mín 4 people (Máx 10 people) | Book it!*

It's our leitmotif for the Sexy brand and, in general, our reading of life... With the More Bubbles Less Troubles experience, we aim to offer a relaxed retreat, with prepared amuse-bouches to be always ready to welcome friends in. Spontaneity is one of the best things in this world. All you need is to have the basic ingredients at home, learn the tricks of the trade to make these wonderful treats at home, in a nonchalant but always superbly presented way, and a bottle of Sparkling on ice... Of course!

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