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Grape Harvest program at the winery

We've reached the most eagerly awaited time of the year - the grape harvest! To take part in this unique moment in wine production, you have to get up early, but the Fitapreta team will pick you up wherever you are to make sure you get to the vineyard at night. The fact is that harvesting without the sun guarantees the maximum freshness of the grapes. With miner's light, accompanied by the harvest team, we'll pick the bunches of grapes that will go to the winery at sunrise. After breakfast in the vineyard, the rest of the winemaking work follows. Whether it's sorting the grapes on the sorting table, pumping over or laboratory analysis, there are many tasks that allow us to get to know this magical wine-making process in depth. After tasting the musts in fermentation and some of the previous vintages, it's time for the warriors to take a well-deserved rest, with lunch with the entire Fitapreta team in the palace courtyard.

Note: The program can start at the winery, without including the vineyard part.

T-shirt and hat + Visit and oenology activities + Tasting of 5 wines + Buffet lunch outside the Medieval Palace

Min 4 adults | €150/pax*

*In the vineyard + €35/pax | Harvest program In the winery + manual harvesting

For more information, please contact us at enoturismo@fitapreta.com or fill in the form at the bottom of this page.


Kid's Experience

There is an enchanted world among vineyards, bunches, palaces and many barrels waiting to be discovered by the youngest.

At Fitapreta, we're giving them the chance to discover this universe through an interactive book, which takes children through the winery in search of our history, as well as a blind tasting of nectars, in which we aim to introduce the sensory world to these future wine lovers.

Also, at the most important time of the year - the grape harvest - we need everyone's help!

The younger ones can help us harvest the grapes by hunting for the bunches. They can paint their own works of art with the juice of our grapes, as well as taste the must and discover the different grape varieties that come into our winery.

Finding grape bunches* + painting with must + blind juices tasting + lunch 

* Grape hunting upon request 

50€ p/kid

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