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Behind this project are Nuno Faria, Madeiran and restaurateur, and António Maçanita, winemaker and explorer of extreme terroirs, friends for more than 15 years and have joined forces to celebrate and explore the potential of these enchanted islands.


António Maçanita

The recovery of lost, abandoned or unwanted grape varieties, or missing techniques has been one of the hallmarks left by winemaker António Maçanita. In the curriculum is the first wine that was bottled from the Negra Mole variety, in the Algarve, the first White Talha in the Alentejo and today we can taste unique varieties such as Tinta Carvalha, Alicante Branco or Trincadeira das Pratas also in the Alentejo, are some examples of the dedication in discovering a forgotten Portugal. But, even so, perhaps his most notable work was with the wines of the Azores, first in the recovery of the Terrantez do Pico variety and then in the Arinto variety of the Azores and now the attention given to the old vines, in what can today be considered a true revolution in Azorean wines.


Nuno Faria

His first cocktails were a hit among bars in Porto Santo during the summer holidays. From part-time occupation to full-time catering, all it took was a Management course and a plane ticket from Madeira to Lisbon, where he ended up joining the management team of the Casino Lisboa restaurants, with chef Fausto Airoldi.

The boss that followed was Ljubomir Stanisic. A longtime friend, they shared a common desire: the former Bacchus (today Bistro 100 Maneiras). Nuno wrote letters, put them under the door, spoke to friends of the then owners, waited. And one day it did. He became a member of 100 Maneiras and 100 Maneiras got Bacchus for himself. Today it is the face that everyone (re)knows in the three restaurants of the group, the body and soul responsible for the front-office and drinks. The man who treats wines like friends and welcomes friends like at home. In 2014 he started a new adventure with one of his old passions, music, becoming one of the responsible for the Lisb-ON Jardim Sonoro Festival, in Parque Eduardo VII, and later for the MEL party, in Comporta.

In March 2021, during the first confinement spent in Porto Santo, enchanted by the white-walled low vines on the island, he launched a new challenge to winemaker and producer António Maçanita. They created a new society, Companhia de Vinhos dos Prophets and Villões, in an allusion to the nicknames between islands, Prophets is how Madeirans call Porto Santo and Villões what the inhabitants of Porto Santo call Madeirans.

Frantic but always accurate, he has a special talent for mixing drinks, blending wines, but above all for making friends. He's anxious by nature, he's famous for making glasses fly (and ending up not breaking them). He didn't major in magical arts, but he spreads magic around him.

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