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Pack includes:

1 x Listrão dos Profetas
1 x Caracol dos Profetas
1 x Tinta Negra dos Villões 2022


The Porto Santo Collection takes you on a journey through the wines of Profetas and Villões! 

Listrão dos Profetas: This Listrão dos Profetas wine comes from old vines over 80 years old, in what is our first attempt at this unique terroir.

Caracol dos Profetas: Caracol is a traditional grape variety from the island of Porto Santo. There are various stories and myths about its potential origin, such as that it was a Mr. Caracol who brought it here and planted it. 

Tinta Negra: The Tinta Negra grape variety is part of the ancient encepa-mento of Madeira Island and is still the basis for the wines that have made the island famous. 

Includes: Gift box with 1 Listrão dos Profetas, 1 Caracol dos Profetas and 1 Tinta Negra dos Villões.

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