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Chão dos Eremitas

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Alicante Branco


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100% Alicante White. Alicante Branco, was and is also known as Boal de Alicante or Boal Cachudo and will have been for many years an important grape variety in Alentejo. Gyrão, 1822, 50 years before phylloxera, cites several "Boiais" but giving special emphasis to Boal Cachudo (synonymous with this variety).


A 100% Alicante Branco, unique in Portugal is a test of a grape variety exclusive to Portugal, it is the only one in the world. This wine tests the potential of one of the oldest grape varieties of the Alentejo encepamento with the modernization of viticulture almost disappeared.

The Vineyard "Chão dos Eremitas

Vineyard Age: 51 years

Altitude: 256-267m

Soils: Granite - Litholic Non Humic soils of granite origin, are poorly evolved soils, formed, sandy texture, without aggregates, slightly acid.

Location: Located at the southern foot of Serra d'Ossa.

History: This place is special, you can feel it! Two streams bring the rainwater from the Serra keeping the ground cool in the torrid Alentejo heat, never lowering the water table below 5 meters. It was here that the vineyards were formerly planted, and the place was known as the Chão dos Eremitas (Hermit's Ground), "Chão" being the old term for a flat area, and "Eremitas" referring to the Hermit monks of the Order of St. Paul. Here there is evidence of uninterrupted wine production since the 14th century, the vineyard was so important that a Papal Bull in 1397 exempts the "Pauperes Hermitas" from paying tributes (taxes) on their vineyards. But archeology goes further, as the discovery of the only Phoenician wine amphora in the interior of the country, dating from the 8th century BC, links this place to wine about 900 years before the arrival of the Romans, in what amounts to 3,000 years of wine-related history. 


Grapes under certified integrated production without the use of herbicides.


Manual harvest at night, direct pressing, no sulfites until the end of fermentation, no decanting and spontaneous fermentation in old barrels.

Tasting Notes

Citrus yellow color, intense nose, notes of grapefruit, peach and gunpowder. Full-bodied full attack, excellent unctuosity and persistence.


Wine with enough concentration, good for fish dishes in the oven or pot, and simpler poultry dishes.

Storage and Service

Keep at 6-8ºC to be served at 10ºC and drink at 12ºC.

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