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wine from Porto Santo Tinta Negra Vale São Vicente
Comp. Vinhos dos Profetas e Villões
wine from Porto Santo Tinta Negra Vale São Vicente
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Vinho do Porto Santo

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Companhia de Vinhos dos Profetas e dos Villões



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Porto Santo

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Full Bodied Wine



Tinta Negra aka Molar (Colares), Saborinho (Azores), Tinta Bastarda (Canaries).

Madeira & the Villões

The island of Madeira emerged 5.6 million years ago from the Atlantic Ocean, its soils acidic and volcanic. Known as a maritime route to the Americas and the Indies, it was an obligatory stop for the supply of cargo and the wonderful Madeira wines that made it famous. The name "Villões" is the nickname that the inhabitants of the small island opposite, Porto Santo, with only 3,000 inhabitants, in contrast to the 300,000 on the island of Madeira, give to the Madeirans. The name comes from the word vila (town) and has now gained a double connotation from the Prophets (Porto Santenses).

Tinta Negra dos Villões

The Tinta Negra grape variety is part of the ancient winemaking of Madeira Island and is still the basis for the wines that made the island famous. Outside Madeira Island, it is a rare grape variety that can only be found in regions where the sea is close by, taking on another name such as Molar in Colares, where it is practically extinct, Saborinho in the Azores, which is in the process of recovering, and the Canaries, where it takes on the name of Tinta Bastardo and has very little expression. Don't confuse it with Bastardo (aka Trosseau), its half-sister.

São Vicente Valley

The São Vicente area is known as the place where Tinta Negra is grown on the north side of the island. The valley, between two mountains, benefits from a special microclimate that allows for better ripening. The name São Vicente was given to the valley because São Vicente appeared to the locals in the hollow of a rock, so they built a little chapel to him, and he is a saint of great devotion. It's also no coincidence that Saint Vincent is the patron saint of winegrowers and the vineyard!


Vineyard management: trellis. Age of vines: around 40 years old. Soils: volcanic, leptosols or andosols; pH between 4.6 and 6.3 (neutral-basic).

Location: São Vicente valley, north side of Madeira Island.


The grapes were harvested by hand, transported in 20kg boxes and sorted on a sorting table. 70% destemmed and 30% whole bunch. Fermentation took place spontaneously, followed by 40 days of maceration.


8 months in used French oak barrels. production 2,700 numbered 0.75L bottles released in August 2023.


12% Vol.

Tasting notes

Open ruby violet color. Intense nose, dark red fruit, moss, mineral charcoal. Fresh, textured attack, lots of concentration and complexity. Always present acidity, persistent tannins and a long finish.


Perfect for casserole dishes, game, cheek, which need both intensity and freshness and acidity to cut the fat.

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